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Triple Play Pass

Triple Play Pass

SKU: 364215376135191

3 Games of Golf for only $100 (Plus Tax) 


Pass valid anyday after 12pm


Pass is for the GREEN FEE ONLY.  Cart Seat is an additional cost.


One Pass may be used per person, per round


    This item is not valid for a refund or return. 

    This item does not expire.

  • Gift Options:

    Riverview golf club tracks the number of rounds remaining on each round using an online tracking system. 


    We understand that many of you may be purchasing these golf passes for Gifts, if this is the case please put the name of the person you are purchasing the pass for in the “Membership/Golf Pass Holder”


    This also applies if you are purchasing a membership for another person.


    If you are purchasing the pass/membership for yourself please just type your name.

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