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Good morning Members,

I wanted to inform all members on a separate email about a few member related items.

Senior Fun League - For a few years now the club has had a senior fun league that ran every other Wednesday.  This event has a different organizer each time and the person organizing decides the game being played and organizes the players into teams.  ALL senior members (50+) are welcome to play.  The entire event is designed around having fun and enabling our members to get to know one another.   

  • Visit our website Riverview Senior Fun League for more information and to Register.

  • First event date: June 17, 2020.   The First 20 registrants will play on this date. The next event will be every two weeks from that date.  More tee times will be made available if more golfers register using the easy registration form on our website. There is a cutoff date for registration, please see the rules and information link which is also available on the website.

  • All senior members are welcome.

Monthly 50/50 - June - The current 50/50 jackpot is $175 and growing.  Tickets can be purchased in the pro shop.  The draw date is at the close of business on the last day of each month.

Club Repair - We are able to replace golf club grips for anyone that requires this service.  We have various grips and can easily order a grip if we do not have it in stock.

Thank you,

Todd Read BSc. BSc. MBA

General Manager

Riverview Golf Club


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