Practice Nets

Good afternoon Golfers,

We are proud to announce that the new practice nets are ready for use. Our board member, Darrell Schaffer, has worked very hard to install the netting to get the facility operational for golfers. Thank you Darrell.

We have 6 stalls that are 12 feet square with state of the art mats that will enable a tee to be placed to allow golfers to hit their woods. We also have bag stands available for use while hitting balls. This new practice facility is available to all golfers while the course is open.

Practice Net Rules:

  • Only one golfer in each stall at a time

  • Golfers must only hit their own golf balls this year

  • Please ensure each golfer stays a safe distance behind golfers that are hitting balls

  • Golfers that are practicing should only hit when it is safe to do so

  • ONLY hit balls from the practice mats, do not hit balls from the turf in front of the mats

Please enjoy our new practice facility.

Thank you,

Todd Read BSc. BSc. MBA

General Manager

Riverview Golf Club



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