Match Play Results

Good morning,

The Riverview Golf Club match play event has finished for the 2019 season.  We would like to thank all the competitors that participated and look forward to many more participating next year.  From all accounts, everyone had a very good experience, and most importantly had fun playing a round of golf with someone they may not have had otherwise played with during the course of the year.  

The winner of the 2019 Match Play event was Todd Read who had a very tough match against the 'B' side winner, Ken McMorran.    

We would like to thank Kelsey Delorme from the Pro Shop for creating and maintaining the tournament bracket on the wall in the Pro Shop.  Great job as it made it easy for all participants to view the matches if they chose not to look at the bracket online.

We look forward to building on the success of this event in 2020.

Thank you,

Riverview Golf Club



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