Junior Program August 6, 2019 Session

With only 4 sessions left in the 2019 Junior Program, we reviewed the fundamentals for chipping and putting. Each of our young golfer's grip, posture, and alignment was reviewed and corrected if required for both chipping and putting.

The amount of improvement shown by each of our golfers is fantastic. At the early sessions, it was great if contact was made by many of our junior golfers, now they are hitting the ball in the direction of the pin and some are able to consistently get close on a regular basis.

The putting skills were tested with what we thought was a difficult drill, but each of the golfers showed it was not as difficult as we had thought.

For the final 15 minutes, we repaired all the ball marks the golfers playing the course had neglected to repair on hole 18 and filled the plethora of divots on the fairway on hole 18. In fact, we used 6 bottles of sand, which only filled divots from the green to the 150 markers. The young golfers were amazed by how many divots the golfers did not repair.

We are so impressed with the improvement, questions, and willingness to learn these young golfers are showing. We look forward to the final 3 weeks in the program.

Please remember we have our closing Junior Program Tournament on August 25, 2019. Please register in the Pro Shop.


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