Bulletin #2

Good day golfers, With over two weeks of golf completed with significant restrictions, we are continuing to make changes that will hopefully enable us to slowly move to a new 'normal'.

Holes - We have modified the foam in the holes on the greens to enable the ball to enter the hole. We ask that ALL golfers take extra care when retrieving the ball from the hole so as not to touch the cup liner or flagstick.  The ball should be able to be retrieved very easily as it drops less than an inch.  Additionally, we ask that each golfer is careful not to damage the edges of the hole.

Men’s League- We will be running Men’s League each Wednesday starting June 10, 2020.  It will be TEE times ONLY, NO Shotgun.  In summary, league members will be able to play anytime during the day on Wednesdays.  They will be able to play with anyone they wish so long as at least one of the players in their group is another league member.  Men's League members will be able to call the pro shop 8 days before to book a tee time (i.e before all other golfers). A separate email and registration form will be sent explaining the format, prizes, cost, etc.  

Reciprocal Play - Riverview members will be able to play Cottonwood Coulee and Bow Island for only $25 (18 holes). You will need to produce your membership card.

Match Play Event - We will be running a Members Match Play event this year- The event is sponsored by Body Building Depot.  I will send information and a registration form in a separate email to all members.

Online Tee Time Booking – Currently the tee sheet opens at Midnight for online booking for members.  Effective May 22, 2020, the tee sheet will open at 6:00 AM, therefore our members will not have to get up in the middle of the night to book a tee time.

Public Tee Online Booking - Currently public golfers can only be added to the tee sheet by phoning the golf course.  This enables our team to provide the required information about the restrictions and safety measures in place.   Effective May 22, 2020, public players may book tee times online.  This means that members may add golfers to their tee times when they book online.  ALL public players that are booked on the tee sheet MUST have an email and if possible a phone number.   Emails will enable us to contact each player easily and efficiently to provide the required restrictions and safety information rather than each player calling the pro shop.  If the public players are booked without an email and phone number, we may have to revert back to phone bookings for any public player.  Please ensure the required information is included when booking to allow this service to continue. 

Ladies League - The ladies league is contacting all ladies that are interested in participating this year.  Please check their Facebook site for more information at

Todd Read BSc. BSc. MBA General Manager Riverview Golf Club

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