Aeration/Carts/No Shows

Good afternoon,

The following information is provided in an effort to keep our members and guests updated.

Green Aeration

Our Turfcare team and volunteers aerated our greens this week.  This necessary practice is required to ensure our greens remain healthy and provide the best possible putting surface.  It will take a few days for the greens to fill in and become the smooth beautifully rolling surface they were prior to aeration, we ask for everyone's patience.

Thank you to the many volunteers that helped to shovel the cores off the green, your help is very much appreciated by our entire team.

Golf Carts

We now have the authority to have two riders in a cart.  We will be providing masks to golfers that do not currently reside in the same household, and do not have their own masks and wish to wear one.  The masks should be worn while on the cart.  With our limited fleet of carts, the need to have two riders on a cart is critical.  Providing masks will enable this to happen while ensuring our members and guests are protected. Golfers may want to carry hand sanitizer with them as a best practice.   

No Shows

We are seeing an alarming trend of golfers that book tee times and do not show up.  We understand that our lives are busy and situations arise where you are unable to make a tee time.  If you do not show up for a booked tee time we are unable to fill the tee time with a player and that translates to a potential loss in revenue for the club.  We have a couple of members that have over 7 no shows this year alone.  This is unacceptable and should be unacceptable to all members of the club.  Since opening day on May 4, we have had 242 no shows and 172 were members.  

Our tee sheets have been full most days, and as such the 242 no shows translates to a potential loss in green fee revenue of $11,132.  We can not afford for this behavior to continue.  Please call and cancel your tee time if you are not able to golf. We typically have a waiting list of players that wish to play which enables us to fill the void when players cancel.  Additionally, golfers may cancel their tee time through Chronogolf as soon as 3 hours from your tee time.  We are asking for your support as it is our preference not to implement a no show fee for repeat offenders.

Golf Balls

The best golf ball sale of the season starts tomorrow.  Get 50% off a dozen Srixon golf balls.  Each golfer can order any of the Srixon golf balls (up to 4 dozen per customer) and get 50% the retail price.  All sales between June 13 and June 21, 2020, will receive the special price.  Please visit our pro shop to get more information.  * We have limited inventory but will honor the sale price for all orders paid for during the event dates, as we will order more balls to fill the orders.

Thank you,

Todd Read BSc. BSc. MBA

General Manager

Riverview Golf Club


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