2020 Newsletter #1

Updated: May 17, 2020

Good day Golfers The first 10 days of the 2020 golf season have passed and despite the numerous new rules and restrictions due to COVID-19 golfers have indicated they are just glad to be able to golf.    I wanted to officially welcome everyone to the 2020 golf season.  It is wonderful that we are now golfing.   The golf course is in fantastic shape, the greens are amazing, and the course looks in mid-season shape.  Our Turfcare team has been working very hard to ensure our members and guests have the best conditions possible.  Please remember our Turfcare personnel has the right of way on the golf course.  To respect the hard work our team is doing please keep ALL carts 30 feet or more from all greens and tee boxes and if possible, avoid driving the carts on the mounds and areas that are showing signs of stress.

I would like to introduce our Turfcare Team:      Jordy Sautner – Superintendent  and his team:      Eddy                   Vince                 Duane               Gary                         Gord                   Doug                   Ryder

COVID-19 has changed the way the world conducts business, and the golf club is no exception. We all have had to adapt to the “new” rules and restrictions put on us to help us all stay safe. It only takes about 30 seconds once you arrive at the golf course to notice the changes. Our Pro Shop staff have been working hard to learn what is expected of them with respect to COVID-19 protocols, as well as the new procedures operationally. I am very proud of the team, as many of the team members are new and those returning were challenged with the task of doing many things differently this year to improve operations.

I would also like to introduce our Pro Shop Team:      Krystal           Eric                Brady               Lauren           Victoria         Jaubron          Lindsay           Claire

Our team will work hard to provide our members and guests with the best possible experience.  Please say hello (from 6 feet) and welcome each of them. Member and Guest Information 1.  Pro Shop – The pro shop is open!  Only ONE customer is permitted in the pro shop at a time.  Please use the hand sanitizer that is available at the pro shop door prior to entry. To allow for social distancing, the exit for the pro shop will be the back door. For golfers that are just checking in, and no payment is required, we will be able to use the sliding window.  No access to the clubhouse can be gained from the pro shop to comply with the restrictions around the opening of the restaurant. 2.  Bag Drop - We have a new Bag Drop station, just behind the 1st Tee box on the parking lot.  Please stop and drop your clubs off, then park your vehicle.  If you require assistance with your clubs please let us know and either I or one of the pro shop team members will carry your clubs to the cart area. 3.  Tee Times – We will be moving the tee times to 12-minute intervals effective May 23, 2020.  4.  Carts – As previously indicated we can only have one rider per cart unless the individuals live in the same household.  Therefore, when we move to 12-minute tee times, I fully expect that we will have times where all the carts are on the course leaving no carts to rent.  We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and ask for everyone’s patience and understanding.  We do have pull carts available. As a reminder, Riverview golf carts are NOT allowed in the parking lot. 5.  No Shows – In the event you are unable to make your tee time, please call the pro shop to cancel your tee time.  It is important to let us know as soon as you can if you are unable to make your tee time as we have golfers phoning every hour to book a tee time.  When a golfer does not show up for a tee time that results in a loss of potential revenue.  So far in 10 days, we have had 53 no shows.  If we had a chance to fill each of these tee times it could have resulted in a minimum of $2500 for the club.  Please help our club by phoning the pro shop to cancel your tee time, as we will need to capture all possible revenues this year. 6.  Tournaments and Leagues – As of today, we are not able to run any leagues or organized tournaments this year.  Outdoor gatherings were just increased to 50 people while maintaining 6 ft or 2M distancing.  We may be able to run the match play event as it is no different than arranging a tee time and possibly other similar types of non-gathering events.  NO shotgun starts.  I will keep everyone informed as new information and rules become available.. 7.  Sanitization – I want to assure all our members and guests that we are sanitizing all touchpoints as often as humanly possible.  We want you to be safe and ask that each golfer uses the hand sanitizers located in multiple locations, to protect your fellow golfers and my entire team. 8.  Booking Tee Times – Many members have had some difficulty booking tee times online.  For clarity, if you are a public golfer, or a member trying to book a public golfer you must phone the pro shop to book. Please call me if you require assistance. 9.  Putting Green- With gatherings increased to 50 people, the putting green will be open ONLY for golfers that are waiting to tee off.  Up to 4 golfers will be allowed on the putting green at one time and golfers must stay within one of the 4 quadrants and maintain a minimum of 6 feet or 2 meters social distance at all times.  Golfers may arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time. Golfers arriving early will be asked to wait in their car.  Golfers should not arrive at the course for the sole purpose of using the putting and chipping area.   10.  Pace of Play – We have had some instances of slow play, even with (20 & 17) minute tee times.  As we move to the 12-minute tee times, all golfers need to ensure they keep up with the group immediately in front of them.  Slow play poses many challenges to a golf course, and when social distancing is thrown into the mix, it creates an even bigger problem.  We want everyone to enjoy their round, and the pace of play is one of the major determinants people state for round enjoyment.  Please do your best to keep the pace and our course marshal will help those in need. I want to thank all our members for doing their part to ensure our club is in compliance with all the orders.  I know substantive change is tough and requires sacrifice and I am again proud to be affiliated with a club with such great members.

Todd Read BSc. BSc. MBA General Manager Riverview Golf Club

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