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New Social Game Play Format

Men’s Night:

Men’s  Night will take place on Thursday evenings with a shotgun start @ 6 pm. The new format places an emphasis on the social aspects of the game. We are hoping it will be fun, inclusive, and competitive with a large emphasis placed on participation. The winning team will be the team with great participation and also good scoring. 

The size of the teams will be dependent on the total participants signed up and paid on the day of the team draft.  Interested players need only fill out the form below or sign up on the form in the Pro Shop once the season begins.

There will be 18 nights of golf running from May 5th until Sept 1st with a Men's night Social windup, and Winning team presentation in the clubhouse after the last night. We are currently proposing to have the windup evening on the Thursday following the last league night. (Sept 8).

Riverview Members will pay a $45 League Fee due before the night of the draft, this fee covers one of the hole prizes each evening of the league season and the cost of a trophy. All nonmembers will have the option to purchase a Men’s Night Membership which will cost 

  • $335 for the 18 weeks (with cart)

  • $255 for the 18 weeks (walking)

This cost includes the league fee.

Each Thursday players will play 9 holes alternating between the front and the back each week. There are no pre-arranged foursomes. Players will arrive and draw a card from a deck to determine which hole they will start on (Ace= Hole 1, 2= Hole 2 etc).  We currently envision two pools of players that will alternate between front and back nines each week (depending upon interest) 

Guest’s are welcome and will be subject to normal green fee rates, in the event you bring a guest we will allow you two to play together in the same foursome that evening.

League scoring each evening will be based on a combination of a set number of best scores on the team and on points for each attending team member. The scoring system

Will be explained in detail to members in the information night and to the captains on the Draft night. 

There will be optional (Side games) available each night to those that wish to partake and Buy-in;

$2 - Longest Putt

$2 - Deuce Pot

$2 - Longest Drive (There will be 2 one for 50+ and one for 49-)

$5 - Skin’s 

We will have an information night followed by a draft in Mid April, Date will be announced when finalized. The Mens night fee is due before the draft. 

Again please remember if you are purchasing a mens night membership only it too must be done prior to the start of Men’s Night.


Please fill out an interest form below and we will contact you to let you know when the information and draft day will take place.

Those interested in partaking will be asked to pay the league fee's prior to the draft. ($45)


By submitting this form all you are implying if you would be interested in coming to the information night to find out more about the Men's Night.

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.