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With the planned implementation of our junior tees this year Riverview is proud to announce the details of our 2022 Junior Golf Program;  Fundamentals and Finetuning, The junior golf program this year will consist of the two different programs. Any junior who goes through the program at Riverview will be given a junior membership as well which means no green fees at any time! 

The first program “Fundamentals” will be suited towards beginners and those just learning to golf,  it will teach basic etiquette and understanding of how to play the game. It will consist of some classroom-style teaching, some basic introduction to each club and use followed by some practice with an instructor in our hitting cages, an intro to chipping, and putting on our practice greens. With weekly refreshments consisting of hotdogs and water to follow each lesson. The final week will be a lunch followed by Tee Times for all juniors in the program to get out on the course and practice everything they have learned during the last few weeks! 

The second program “Finetuning” will be for those juniors that have been golfing and are looking to find ways to finetune and improve their game. Golfers in this program will already have a basic knowledge of the clubs and golf etiquette. This program will work with the juniors on finetuning the different shots in the game and will consist of practice in the hitting cages, practice green each week with an instructor prior to going out for a round of golf with their new friends. The goal of this program is not only to finetune the skills but also to find new golfing friends for these juniors so that they may take advantage of their new junior membership and get out on our course to continue to practice these skills on a regular basis throughout the season. 

The cost for both of these programs will be $65 please just indicate which program your junior is best suited for on the registration form below*. The programs will run Monday afternoons after school hours (Times will be decided based on the number of juniors registered).

The dates:

June 6th - Lesson One 

June 13th -Lesson Two

June 20th - Lesson Three

June 27th - Lesson Four / Junior Golfers Afternoon

(Riverview Classifies Juniors as those 15 years of age and younger on April 1st)

Registration for the 2022 Season is Now Closed.