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Carmon Dewald, our course Superintendent, and his team have done an outstanding job with the course.  Many projects have been completed already this year.  Some of the projects completed to date include, cleaning up the maintenance area, sprinkler repairs and other related jobs that did not get finished last year are almost completed, and sand has been put into the bunkers on hole six so they are now playable.  All of these projects have been completed with a very limited number of team members.  

We ask all members to ensure they are raking the bunkers, filling divots with sand on the fairways and tee boxes, repairing your pitch mark and one other on the greens, and if any garbage or other debris is on the course please put it in the trash bins.  Please keep all carts on pathways, off mounds and stressed areas, and 30 yards from all greens, teeing areas, and mounds to avoid excess compaction.  All efforts will improve the playing conditions while reducing the workload on our maintenance team.

 Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Providing our members, families and guests, with high quality course conditions, services and amenities in a fiscally responsible and professional manner.


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New General Manager

January 22, 2020

Good Afternoon,

The Riverview Golf Club Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Mr. Todd Read has been selected as the Club’s new Manager.

Todd brings a wealth of professional experience and enthusiasm to the Club.  As a perennial Club member, Todd has volunteered many hours of administrative and technical skills to the Club.  It’s quite likely you have even seen Todd assisting the maintenance staff out on the golf course.

The Board of Directors is confident that Todd’s management knowledge will contribute to another successful golf season at Riverview.

Thank you

October 25, 2019

Hello Members,

I offer my personal thank you to all members, new and past, that have made contributions, big and small, it all has made a difference. 
With the tremendous support of the membership and the community, the Riverview Golf Club has had a remarkable year, rebounding from the brink of receivership in October 2018.  I will confirm that we have ended the year “in the black” and look forward to the completed financial picture from our accountants at the annual general meeting (date to be determined).
To All Board Members and Town Representatives, to all Grounds crew lead by Carmon Dewald, Fred Hauck, Ed Taupert, Gary Robinson, Gary Murray, Duane Steinkey, Doug Murray, Gord Lyons, Ryder Petrick, Vince Miller, Dakota Meggitt.

To General Manager Doug Braithwaite, and the Pro Shop Staff of Kelsey Delorme, Krystal Bertsch, Lauren Koenig, Brady Deboice, Elora Connellan

To Kelli and Dylan Ireland and their Kitchen and wait-staff (great job).d

Special thanks to Ruth Schaffer and Carolyn Irwin (office), Mary Klick, Fran Wahl, Mary Wirth (flower girls), Todd Read and the Junior Program volunteers, along with the course marshalls and all tournament helpers. 
The success of this year is a testament to the support and effort of all members and our community.  Hope to see you in 2020!

Thanks again,
Cliff Sackman

New Website and App

October 2, 2019

Attention all Riverview Golf Club App users,

Riverview Golf Club will be moving to a new Website and App over the coming days and the current Riverview App will no longer be available after October 31, 2019.  The change to the new website will be seamless, however, a new App will need to be downloaded.  

The new website and App will be integrated which will be much easier to manage notwithstanding significant cost savings for the Club.  The new platform is wix.com, please use the following directions to set up the app.

  1. On your iPhone or Android phone, click on the following link:  http://wix.to/OkAkAgw  this will take you to the Wix app.  If you click on the link on your desktop computer, you will be asked to enter your phone number where a link will be sent to your phone.

  2. Download the app.

  3. Press sign up - enter your email address and set a password.  You will then be asked to re-enter your password. You may choose to Login via Facebook or Google instead.

  4. You may need to verify you are not a robot.

  5. The Riverview Golf Club Blog will be displayed with all the current Club information as well as all the past posts to the App.

  6. There will be another tab in the near future that will link you to the RCGA handicap website.

  7. Some App users will need an invite code, it is: 9QDXZW

Thank you for your cooperation as we would like to move ALL 540+ current App users to the new App to ensure information about the Club is provided in a timely manner.

We recommend that the old App be deleted after the new App is downloaded to avoid confusion.

Thank you,

Riverview Golf Club

Board of Directors Bulletin-Financial Update

July 22, 2019

July 22, 2019

To all current members from the Board of Directors,

It has been with a great deal of sweat equity that we’ve made it to the half-way mark of our golf season.  The volunteers have been numerous and the club is grateful for the monetary and in-kind donations that have allowed for the survivorship of the Riverview Golf Club.

The volunteer flower garden crew led by club members Mary Klick, Fran Wahl, and Mary Wirth have tended our many flower beds and potted plants.  Thanks to Mary Klick for growing and donating a majority of our plants.  We also thank Sunterra Greenhouses for their donations again this year of some of our planters.

The Board is especially grateful for the volunteer hours and supportive efforts of Todd Read, Carolyn Irwin, and Ruth Schaffer for their help within the Club, dealing with technology, finances, and administrative issues.  

It’s also a good time to acknowledge the contributions of Kelli and Dylan Ireland and their clubhouse staff to the overall pleasant atmosphere at Riverview.  The continued support of members and the community in frequenting our Clubhouse boosts our bottom line as well.   

It is also important that we appreciate the efforts of our staff at this time as well. From Doug and all the Pro Shop staff to Carmon and the grounds crew, the Board has been grateful for your commitment to the Club during our transition.  It has been reaffirming to hear the many positive comments from visiting patrons, and club members, that Riverview is a pleasure to golf at and our course is in great shape.

Financial Highlights

On November 1, 2018, the Club had the following short term debts;

     78 vendors and suppliers                                                                       $ 350,615.10
     Town of Redcliff (2017 & 2018 raw water)                                            $   80,282.86
     Town of Redcliff (a loan for mower purchased 2015)                        $   31,487.57
                                                                                                               Total $ 462,385.53

The Club negotiated with vendors to reduce our debt by $77,995.34 leaving us with a new short-term debt of $384,390.19. This amount has been paid off in full by the Club. 

The Club Car cart fleet has been reduced by 10 carts, reducing our annual lease payments by approximately $9,600.00.

Mower equipment purchased under lease in 2017 was reduced to meet our needs. The 4 walk-behind greens mowers returned had never been used. This has an annual savings of approximately $1,000.00.

The Town of Redcliff has approved a loan of $315,000 over a ten-year term at 2.913% interest. The Club has accessed $211,770.73 of this loan to date.

Following is a recap of our financial status for the period of November 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019, and does not include payments we have made on the previous year's debts.


Payroll                                      $112,438.96 (15 employees)
Turf Maintenance                   $  43,669.92
Pro shop                                  $    5,954.55
Admin/General Expenses   $ 94,899.26 (Insurance, accountant, legal, banking, utilities, etc.)
                                     TOTAL $256,963.19


Golf Sales                            $538,699.35
Other Revenue                   $  45,332.64 (Casino, donations, sponsorships, kitchen lease, etc.)
                                 TOTAL $584,031.99

Net Income (2019 Golf Season to June 30)  $327,068.80

Bank Balances to June 30, 2019

Servus Credit Union Chequing       $155,269.89
Servus Credit Union Savings           $109,432.08**
Servus Credit Union Casino Acct.   $  17,499.18
RBC Bank Chequing                          $    2,008.65

** These funds are CFEP Grant monies received in 2017 for the construction of a Driving Range. The club is considering to request re-allocating these funds to an alternate project

Thank you,

Riverview Golf Club Board of Directors

Course Marshalls Needed

June 29, 2019

Course Marshall Required.

We are looking for Course Marshalls that are able to help with the flow of golfers, keep carts away from greens, teeing areas, dry areas, mounds, and to have a presence to help reduce any untoward behaviour that would otherwise happen when no supervision exists.  Currently, Todd Read, Jock McRobb, and Kim Podesta are our only Marshalls.

The commitment is 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM on any days you may be available that cover Saturdays, Sundays and Tournaments.

Please reply to this email if you are interested.

Thank you,

Riverview Golf Club

Junior Program Instructors Needed

June 21, 2019

Junior Program Instructors Needed
Good morning,
The Junior Program has exceeded our expectations this year as we have 53 young golfers enrolled this year.  We have had 4 instructional sessions thus far with tremendous success by all accounts however, we are in need of TWO more instructors to help reduce the number of golfers in each group.  This will enable better one on one instruction and more importantly help with reducing the likelihood of accidents.
The volunteer commitment is 1 hour each week on Tuesdays starting promptly at 4 PM.  Lesson plans have been made which can form the basis of your instruction but are only a template to help provide direction and can be modified as each instructor deems appropriate.  The program ends on August 27, 2019.
The entire program is outlined on the Riverview Golf Club website or you may contact me at this email or at the phone number below.   The next lesson is on June 25, 2019, at 4 PM.
Your help will be greatly appreciated by the other instructors and the young golfers.   The experience thus far has been extremely rewarding and fun.
Thank you,
Todd Read

Members Match Play 2019

April 29, 2019

In addition to the current tournaments scheduled (listed on the website), we would like to add an additional event this year, a member Match Play Tournament. It has been many years since a match play event has been available to our members and it is our hope that the event will grow each year.

The event is open to all members. Based on the number of members that sign up, we could have a men’s division and a women’s division. If the number of women golfers is low then we will have everyone compete in one division.

   • Women will play from the Red Tees

   • All Seniors (50+ years of age) Yellow Tees

   • All other players shall play from the White Tees.

Handicaps will be based on the Tee’s being played and will be at 75% of current course handicap’s.

Every player will have a minimum of 2 matches as the event will be a double knock out, which means you have to lose twice to be eliminated. The Tournament bracket will be in the member section of the website as a link and will also be posted in the clubhouse. Upon completion of the match please complete the match play form (located in the Pro shop) and provide it to the Pro shop staff to enable the bracket to be updated.

The Bracket will be updated within 24 hours of time a match is completed and the match form turned into the Pro shop.Each match will have a timeline to complete to ensure the event finishes before the end of the season. Please respect these timelines as they will impact the next matches. This event is to promote camaraderie and fellowship and most important to have fun.

The winner of the event and the runner up will get their name on a trophy.

The Rules and the draw will be provided when all entries are submitted.  Registration will end on April 30, 2019 Matches will begin the week of May 6, 2019, Please register in the Pro shop.

The cost of the event is FREE for this year, and we will be soliciting people/companies for naming rights to the tournament.

Weekly Progressive Skins

April 17, 2019

Riverview Golf Club will be hosting a weekly Progressive Skins event again this year. This event is handicapped and is open to all golfers (members and non-members) that carry a valid RCGA handicap, 2/3 of your handicap will be used for this event. Payouts are determined by the number of players each week.

The entry fee is $20 each time you play and will run every Sunday starting April 28, 2019. Golfers wishing to participate may start their round as early as 11:00 AM. Please contact our Pro Shop for more details and to book your tee time.

AGM Summary 2019

March 24, 2019

The AGM took place today at 2 PM at the Riverview Golf Course clubhouse and we had an excellent turnout as the room was packed. The meeting was extremely informative, open, transparent, positive, and set the tone for the upcoming year. The members and guests in attendance were introduced to Doug Braithwaite, our new Manager, Carmon Dewald our superintendent, and to Kelli and Dylan Ireland who will be operating the Food and Beverage services at the Golf Club. Additionally, Derek Hirsch, from EBT Chartered Accountants provided the Clubs financials and was appointed as the auditor.

The meeting was chaired by Vice President Bill Duncan. The current board was approved to remain in place for this year, as they have worked very hard and operated well together since being elected in the fall of 2018 and the continuity will benefit all stakeholders. The financial status of the club was provided and will be made available to all members on the website in the member’s section in the coming days.

We encourage all members to visit the “new” website frequently as it will be updated regularly. The member section will have all the bulletins and newsletters, bylaws, financial information, etc. It is our goal to communicate effectively and regularly with our members.

We anticipate a fun year and once the snow leaves and the temperatures return to “normal” we look forward to seeing everyone at the golf club and at the many events we will be hosting.

2019 Events

March 21, 2019

Match Play Event                                             May 6-September 20

Men's League Scramble- snowed out         May 5

Ladies League- every Tuesday                     May 7

Men’s League-every Wednesday                 May 8

Members Memorial Fun Classic                    June 1

Senior Scramble                                               June 3

Family Fun Tournament                                  June 16

HALO Charity Golf Tournament                    June 21

Canada Day Tournament                               July 1

Ladies Open                                                     July 6

Men’s Open                                                      July 13-14

Senior Open (Men & Ladies)                         July 15

Club Championships                                     August 10-11

Redcliff Open Scramble                                August 16-18

Ladies Open Scramble                                 August 24

Junior Windup Tournament                         August 25

Par 3 Fundraiser                                             September 21

Couples Nights (Three scheduled)            June 14

                                                                          July 19

                                                                          August 9